Aerial Humping Sex Swing
Aerial Humping Sex Swing
Aerial Humping Sex Swing
Aerial Humping Sex Swing
Aerial Humping Sex Swing
Aerial Humping Sex Swing

Sometimes, the lack of energy during weekdays’ hustle affects a couple’s eagerness to have sex. According to studies, men burn up to 101 calories in a 24-minute session. Women, on the other hand, cut 69 calories in that same duration. Both can be compared to biking strenuously for 5-10 minutes at 14-16 miles per hour.

So to dream of a wild and mind-blowing sex night on weekdays seems to be a far-fetched idea. Unless you and your man aren’t working yourselves to burn out, you can actually make it happen. However, if the only time you have on weekdays is for rest, then a weekend sex schedule might always work best. You can reserve your energy for a well-deserved sesh.

But if you and your partner seem to be always hungry for some action all the time, then you must have something like this Aerial Humping swing. It is the best support you can have to lessen the exerted effort during sex.

This swing is made of nylon straps and cushiony pads, allowing the rider to feel comfortable during the midair sesh. Each strap is also fastened with metal webbings, making the whole item sturdy. They are made adjustable to find the right height for you and your partner once you hang them on a triangular swing frame.

It also has leg supports to make the most out of missionary or doggy-style positions. And what makes it more exciting is that you can also utilize it to discover more stances, especially on weekends when you have all your stamina dedicated to sensual activities alone.

Maintaining this furniture is also easy. All you have to do is dust off its surface and handwash it from time to time. Make sure that all parts of it are thoroughly dry before putting it away.

Make sex almost effortless yet still fun. Add this Aerial Humping swing to your cart today!

Color Black
Material Nylon
Dimension Length: 28.74 inches (73 cm)
32.68 inches (83 cm)
Total Width: 27.56 inches (70 cm)
Seat Pad: 5.12 inches (13 cm)
Leg Pads: 4.72 inches (12 cm)
Maximum load bearing capacity: N/A

Aerial Humping Sex Swing

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