Ultra Sexy VCH Piercing Jewelry
Ultra Sexy VCH Piercing Jewelry

Many addictive things in life will give you a good kind of high. There’s tattoo, coffee, and maybe the most popular and pleasurable one of all—sex. But there’s another thing that will make you say, “once you pop, you can’t stop.” And the best thing is, it has something to do with helping you achieve ecstatic orgasms every time. Curious to know what that is? It’s piercing.

Lucky for you, you’ve already tried your hand at getting body piercings before. VCH piercing, or vertical clitoral hood piercing, is a safer alternative to direct clit piercing. As the latter might cause permanent nerve damage on one of the most sensitive areas of your body, VCH is done just above your butter bean—diminishing the harmful effects.

Just in case you’re having second thoughts about getting your clit pinched, many say that it only feels like getting an ear piercing. Some even claim that it was not as painful as they expected. So onto the best part: women who have VCH piercings report that they experience more intense orgasms. Do you want that for you, too? If yes, check out the Ultra Sexy VCH Piercing Jewelry first before going to your local piercing shop!

This piercing jewelry will make your pussy more enticing. It is made of high-quality surgical steel, so you know that it’s safe to rest against your oyster. This clit ring is also easy to sanitize and disinfect, given its material. It has a ball backing that you tighten to secure the trinket. The design has a dual purpose: to please the eyes of your lover and to appease your carnal urges. It features a gemstone at the center of the trinket, which is an absolute show-stopper.

This shiny stud is available in various colors, pink, black, green, red, white, lake blue, royal blue, and light blue. There’s also a tiny ring that dangles below your clit. Having this bling on your nut will provide direct stimulation on this hot spot, increasing the chances of having a nerve-wracking climax.

Hurry and purchase the Ultra Sexy VCH Piercing Jewelry asap!

Color Pink, Black, Green, Red, White, Lake Blue, Royal Blue, Light Blue
Material Surgical Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion 1 Piece VCH Piercing Ring

Ultra Sexy VCH Piercing Jewelry

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