Shiny Sequin Collar
Shiny Sequin Collar
Shiny Sequin Collar
Shiny Sequin Collar

Not all that glitters is gold, and not all that sparkles is diamond. It could be a piece of stunning jewelry made of different materials. See this Shiny Sequin Collar? It has exceptional brilliance but is not as expensive as other naturally occurring elements. If you're a fan of gleaming accessories but do not have a budget for the pricey gold and diamond, then resort to using this sequined neckpiece instead!

Sequins are made of polished synthetic materials, delicately carved and shaped to possess reflective features. With the right angle, they bounce back light, creating an illusion of a scintillating surface. This collar has them. The sequins in this accessory are delicately aligned such that its light-bouncing property is maximized. They are sewn together against a series of woven threads, fastened by perpendicularly seamed strands. And to ensure they are glued together at all times, this choker's fibrous ends are pinched and held by a velvet fabric.

Another tiny but impacting feature of this collar is the little chain-like embellishment on its surface, too. These links are crisscrossing over and under the sequins, creating a magnificent texture from the outside.

The collar's length is fixed and does not stretch at all. It measures just 11.81 inches. But don't worry! It features a lock system that allows adjustments. It has a G-clip on one end and a chain on the other—measuring 2.76 inches long when hooked. You can never go wrong in getting it as you know it will fit your neck's circumference.

Choose from its three captivating variants: gold, silver, and black. All these will make a regal look out of you, whichever occasion you choose to wear it. Even plain tops will look sultry and stunning when you pair them with this neckpiece.

Tight on a budget but want to look striking at events? Put this Shiny Sequin Collar on as a match to your outfit! Grab this by clicking the "Add to Cart" button now!

Color Gold, Silver, Black
Material Sequins
Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: 11.81 + 2.76 inches (30 + 7 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Shiny Sequin Collar

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