Shocking Sensations Electric Nipple Clamps
Shocking Sensations Electric Nipple Clamps
Shocking Sensations Electric Nipple Clamps
Shocking Sensations Electric Nipple Clamps

play was your favorite game. You loved to pinch your girlfriend's nipples, not because of the squishy feel but because of her moans. You liked it when she shrieked with pleasure the moment you started clamping her tits.

Nowadays, however, she doesn't give you that kind of squeal that turns you on. Heck, she doesn't even squirm whenever you pinch her tits or tug the chain. She just moans as if she's enjoying it—and you don't want it. You want to hear her screech as she used to.

If you don't get the same reaction from your lover whenever you nip her tits, then it's high time to grab these Shocking Sensations Electric clamps! This erotic tool kit will elevate your play as the clamps won't just pinch your partner's nips; they will give them a shock, too!

The kit comes with a pair of clover clamps, a power cord, and a battery-operated powerbox. The clamps apply the right amount of pressure to the nipples for heightened stimulation. Meanwhile, the cable connects the clamps to the power unit and is where the electricity flows. Then there's the powerbox. This battery-operated unit sends waves of electrifying pleasure and pressure to your partner's melons, making her squirm and squeal with delight. Just pop two AAA batteries in the battery compartment, turn it on, and watch her boobs jiggle as you electrify her nips. For added thrills, you can adjust the intensity or change the pattern according to your preference.

Because this toy comes with clover clamps and uses electric shock, this device isn't for beginners. You and your partner should have enough experience in doing kinky play since it's not as gentle as other nipple clips. And that is also why you need to set some rules, limitations, and safe signals as this play may go southward.

Electrify your play with these Shocking Sensations Electric clamps. Grab one now!

Color Powerbox: Black
clamps: Silver
Power Cable: White
Material Powerbox: ABS
clamps: Metal
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Weight: N/A

Shocking Sensations Electric Nipple Clamps

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