Silicone-Padded Steel Slave Collar
Silicone-Padded Steel Slave Collar
Silicone-Padded Steel Slave Collar
Silicone-Padded Steel Slave Collar

You and your lover have been living under one roof for five years, and those five years of relationship have been a blast. But since the pandemic started, it seemed like your relationship was affected, too. Your intimate moments were not as steamy and fun as they used to. It's now like a routine—you're just doing the deed because you're together and not because you still have hots for each other.

Bring back the fire into your relationship! Try new things like role-playing games. But before you explore the world of such games, make sure you have this Silicone-Padded Steel Slave Collar in your secret cabinet.

You may ask, "How will this accessory turn up the heat in your sex life?" It lies in the usage. This bondage collar can bring out the animalistic side of your partner. Once it's placed on your lover's neck, your spouse's behavior and look will change. From a mere loving partner, it turns your lover into a human pet that you can take care of and even train. What a transformation your honey will go through by just putting it around your SO's neck!

But before you treat your partner like an animal, make sure that both of you are on the same page. Talk to your lover and explain why you want to jump into this kind of relationship. Also, set some ground rules and boundaries that will be followed during the play. And oh, don't forget to establish a safe word or a gesture to be used in the scene. Doing so will make the game more fun and exciting for both parties.

When everything is set, go ahead and wrap this silicone-padded collar around your lover's neck. Secure it in place by locking it up with a lock and a key. Then, lead your pet wherever you want by attaching a leash to the D-ring. Likewise, tie your sub to the bedpost and leave your slave there for as long as you want. Just don't forget to give your docile lover some aftercare when the session is over.

The Silicone-Padded Steel Slave Collar is available in two colors and sizes suitable for men and women. Pick a choker that suits your partner best and add it to your cart now!

Color Pink, Blue
Material Silicone
Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
For Women - 4.72 inches
For Men - 5.51 inches

Silicone-Padded Steel Slave Collar

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