Silver Hoe Tape Wrap Gag

Want a wild, bondage night but still not ready to go all out on those complicated tools? Well, good thing this bondage tape is here and ready for your bondage needs.

There are a lot of tools to start your bondage journey. Trying out gag tapes are one of the best options.

The Silver Hoe Tape Wrap Gag, as seen here in this porn video, is made of high-grade PVC, a reliable material that will clasp your partner's body in place. PVC is a fantastic way to explore BDSM positions and other intricacies because it has a firm texture for solid buckle during the humping time. Forget about complicated straps and hooks! This tape gives you the freedom to engage with your imagination as you explore the beauty of S and M fantasies.

These are incredible adhesives that you can use wherever you want. As a Master, you can experiment with these tapes. Cover her eyes and indulge in a little hide and seek moment. Another way to enjoy these tapes is through gagging her mouth. This way, not only will she look like a helpless slave, but she will also not be able to utter anything during the session. Of course, with two of her senses being hindered, every touch will feel electrifying as you explore each other. Moreover, this item is available in classy yet very modern silver color.

Tapes are easy to carry around and great for quick trips. You can reuse them but keep in mind that these adhesives lose their ability to stick with each application.

Before restricting anything, make sure you talk to your partner about safety. You should be able to establish safe gestures for when things get too much for her.

This 16-meter strip will surely bring your bondage session to different heights! Don't miss out and make that purchase today!

Color Silver
Material PVC
Dimension Length: 629.92 inches (16m)
Width/Diameter: N/A


Silver Hoe Tape Wrap Gag

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