Silver-Plated Choke Collar for Women
Silver-Plated Choke Collar for Women
Silver-Plated Choke Collar for Women
Silver-Plated Choke Collar for Women

Your woman slave pretends not to hear your orders lately. It's as if she doesn't hear your commands and walks away from you whenever you start speaking. She may not have the problem. Perhaps it's you who has become lenient in your relationship?

Resurrect your dominance in your partnership by giving your slave the necessary punishments to teach her a lesson. If your mere loud voice and bland cuffing and gagging disciplines do not work, then resort to subjecting her to a choking sentence. The best way to execute this is through the use of the Silver-Plated Choke Collar for Women.

This 27.17-inch two-chained stainless steel link that forms into a collar is your best tool to regain her submission. It is silver-plated, hence the name and the color. As it uses iron alloy, you can trust that it doesn't easily break even if she attempts to escape from it. It has two rings on both ends, a big and a small one. Both these hoops open by snapping them at the center, allowing you to hook them at any part of the link. This feature allows you to adjust the collar's circumference to conform to your preferred tightness and fit.

Want to choke your slave? Hook the ring at a snug fit. Want to play around with your pet? Place it comfortably on her neck. Then, attach a leash on the collar, and drag her to the floor. Get your sweetest revenge for all her misbehavior. Show that bitch who rules the relationship.

But even if you don't use it in your BDSM plays, she can, of course, use it as an addition to her everyday outfit. It looks so well with dark-themed clothes as its silver color will surely stand out. She can also make a necklace out of it, given its length.

If your woman thinks she's not getting the proper punishments, the Silver-Plated Choke Collar for Women will be your great tool to convince her otherwise. Get this now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 27.17 inches (69 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Silver-Plated Choke Collar for Women

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