Butterfly-Adorned Silver Slave Bracelet
Butterfly-Adorned Silver Slave Bracelet
Butterfly-Adorned Silver Slave Bracelet

You hate to say it, but you’re becoming obsessed with your slave. She’s like a sweet, fragrant flower that attracts many butterflies wanting to have a taste of her nectar. You feel proud knowing that you own a charming slave, but how would you get the message across that she's not for anyone’s picking?

Make her wear the Butterfly-Adorned Silver Slave Bracelet as a day collar. The piece is discreet when worn in public, and only BDSM enthusiasts will understand that she has a master.

An ornate piece of jewelry that symbolizes submission and surrender to one’s master, the hand chain features floral-themed embellishments on the bangle and the ring. Joining the bracelet and the ring together is a chain bedecked with three cute butterflies and tiny orbs. All in shiny, polished metal alloy, it’s truly mesmerizing.

It's hand-crafted from zinc alloy, popularly known as Tibetan Silver. The metal is known to be skin-friendly to most users, making it a popular alternative to expensive gold or silver. Your partner will enjoy showing off her dainty chained hand on many important occasions as it will last. It’s rust-proof and corrosion-resistant.

But just like other accessories made of zinc alloy, it will tarnish over time. But that doesn’t mean it will have a short lifespan. When this alluring hand chain is given TLC, she’ll be able to use it many times to elevate her feminine style. Remind your partner not to use it when swimming or doing the dishes since soaking it in water and soap will ruin the luster. Store it in a moisture-free container away from sunlight.

Perfect for casual and formal dresses, this slave bracelet will make her look more enchanting when she's in lingerie or simply naked. The bangle and the ring are adjustable, so don't wait for a special day to buy her this exquisite bracelet. Buy now!

Color Silver
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: Adjustable

Butterfly-Adorned Silver Slave Bracelet

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