Simple Brown Leather Collar

The party girl in you is tamed. From the moment you agreed to be your Master's slave, you have gone on a 360 degrees shift to being a good girl. You are now domesticated, and you like to be under his control.

But you can't always be on his side. That is why he checks up on you often. He still thinks you are the same wild girl who entertains men left and right.

Show him that you have changed and wear the Simple Brown Leather Collar. Your partner won't have to think about what you are doing behind his back because this collar will mark you as his property wherever you go. This neckband is not just a pretty accessory that will compliment your outfits; it is also an identification to keep other Masters from making a move on you.

The good thing about this choker is that it is appealing yet subtle. The neutral brown strap is a dynamic hue that you can pair with almost anything in your closet. Running a busy day at the office? This collar is lightweight for daily use, so you don't have to sweat it.

The strap itself has a 0.59-inch thickness with a 14.57-inch adjustable length, so you will have options when it comes to fitting this on. Also, the gorgeous gold hardware of this neckpiece gives life to the neckpiece. You can even wear this at formal gatherings for that added glow!

Keep in mind that this piece needs to be polished to maintain its luster. You can clean the surface using a cloth with particular attention to the nooks and crevices. Additionally, make sure you avoid contact with moisture as this will ruin the material.

Show your full commitment to this new chapter of your life. Buy this choker now!

Color Brown
Material Leather
Dimension Length: 14.57 inches
Width/Diameter: 0.59 inch

Simple Brown Leather Collar

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