Simple Collar Boys Neckband
Simple Collar Boys Neckband

Blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, kissable pink lips—that was your ideal guy. You liked the boy-the-next-door type and boys who can move their bodies and sing. That's also why you were into boybands when you were just a teen. You'd cry your heart out whenever you sang their songs, but when it was just you who was up, you'd imagine yourself getting fucked by these dreamy boys.

But now that you're an adult and have a boyfriend, your fancy for young-looking boys hasn't changed. But instead of dreaming of becoming one of their sex slaves, you want to be their Mommy Domme. You want to love them, take care of them, and punish them if needed.

Here's a thing: becoming a Mistress of one of the hottest boybands today will only happen in your dream, but who says you can't turn your fantasy into reality? With this Simple Collar Boys Neckband around your partner's neck, you'll have a boyband member that you can take care of and fuck with.

This choker looks simple. It features a leather strap that goes around your boy toy's neck when worn. This neckband isn't just a mere fashion accessory, for it has a meaning in the kink community. When a wearer puts it on his neck, it means he's devoted to his Mommy.

At one end of the strap, there's a tang buckle with two metallic D-rings. These clasps ensure that the choker will stay on your sub's neck no matter what he's doing in and out of your love cell. They also make sure that the wearer feels comfortable while the choker is on his neck as they let you adjust the collar's fit. Just pop the pin into one of the metallic holes of the other end of the strap, then slide the belt into the D-rings to put it in place.

Transform your lover's look into a guy of dreams when you were just a teenager. Grab this Simple Collar Boys Neckband now!

Color Black
Material Faux Leather
Dimension Length: 11.81 – 15.35 inches (Adjustable)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Simple Collar Boys Neckband

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