Simple Consideration Collar
Simple Consideration Collar
Simple Consideration Collar
Simple Consideration Collar

How do you begin a BDSM relationship? Some start as a vanilla couple then slowly add kink to their usual sex routine. On the other hand, practitioners already have the ideal relationship in mind. They're just waiting for the right partner to come. That's relatively reasonable, though. Not all people are really committed to the lifestyle. Some are just jumping on the bandwagon, while others are just curious and want to see how things work beyond the vanilla world.

One thing that helps the dominant find a suitable match is using a consideration collar. It showcases willingness to commit come hell or high water. A master giving it to his bottom means he's giving her a chance to prove herself worthy for the next level of their relationship.

Do you think your submissive has what it takes to be considered? Why not test her out and hand her this Simple Consideration Collar?

A consideration collar is usually worn as an everyday and a sex-dungeon accessory. That's why it is necessary to get a simple piece to prevent the public's prying eyes. This subtle item is what you need to make the whole consideration period work. It has a faux leather base material, making it skin-friendly. It resembles a shirt collar with two separate straps attached to the main collar. The studs in the middle part add a little detail to the ensemble.

It's durable, too. It can withstand an extended period of wearing, so you don't have to worry. And as if those features are not yet enough, it can still offer you more. You can effortlessly find the right fit for your partner's neck circumference with its belt-like lock at the backside.

Look no further for the best consideration collar. Buy this product today to start your journey with your potential lifetime slave.

Color Black
Material Faux Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Simple Consideration Collar

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