Simple Stealth Collar
Simple Stealth Collar
Simple Stealth Collar
Simple Stealth Collar

It’s hard to find a collar with variants customized for men and women. That’s because most BDSM chokers are made for ladies’ average neck circumference. So it’s like hitting the lottery jackpot when you find one suitable for the males.

But thank goodness for the existence of Simple Stealth Collar, though! You can now choose the right size for your submissive—may it be "he" or a "she!" As long as you are on this product page, you can consider yourself lucky.

Stainless steel is the base material of this product, perfect to be used as a play, protection, or permanent collar. It is designed to withstand an extended period of wear time, so you don’t have to worry about it irritating your partner. It has an intricately polished surface for scratch-free playtime. Lastly, it boasts its extraordinary sturdiness, allowing you to put it on your sub’s neck for as long as you wish.

Not sure how to put it on? Just find the Allen key bolt and unscrew it. Open it as wide as possible and gently place it on your partner’s neck. Lock it up again using your hex screw, and that’s it! Collaring is just like any bondage activity. You are the only person who can free your bottom from it. Since it uses a universal bolt and screwdriver, there’s no need to worry about losing a key or anything that can be used in opening this device.

Match this item with any torture tool. It could be a flogger, a pair of clamps, or a mouth gag. But you know what? You have the power to use them all in one go! Grab the opportunity to make it happen! Is it pet play you wish to explore? Grab a leash and attach it to the ring pendant that comes with this collar.

Indeed, you can do tons of things with this sex tool. Don’t let it run out of stock without getting yours! Come on; add it to your cart today!

Color Black
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Female: 4.72 inches
Male: 5.51 inches

Simple Stealth Collar

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