Crescent Moon and Stars Jewelry Slave Bracelet

Being in a D/s relationship doesn't always mean giving punishments and rewards to a slave. It also involves love and commitment, a commitment that you will respect and devote yourself to your partner until your last breath. And if you love your Top to the moon and back, then show it to them by wearing this Crescent Moon and Stars Jewelry Slave Bracelet! It looks so elegant nobody will guess that you're telling the world how much you love your Dom—except for people living the BDSM lifestyle!

This elegantly designed slave ring bracelet looks like a high-class piece of jewelry. The bracelet features a combination of round and trace chains, creating a simple yet classy look. Meanwhile, the crescent moon and the three stars give this trinket an "oomph" factor, making everyone say "wow" upon seeing the jewelry. And with its lobster clasp closure, this bracelet is easy to wear. Just wrap it around your wrist and your ring finger, then hook the clasp to one of the round links to secure it in place!

Exquisitely handcrafted from sterling silver and cubic zirconia, this magnificent bondage bracelet is durable and hypoallergenic. It doesn't cause rashes or irritation, keeping the wearer's skin smooth and supple. It's also fully waterproof, which means you can wear it anytime and anywhere you like—even in the pool area. It won't rust; hence, you don't have to take it off while making a splash.

A bracelet that shines bright like a diamond, this bling will make you look radiant. You don't need to follow lengthy skincare routine steps. Just put it on, and it will make your skin glow.

Be bold and show the BDSM world how committed you are to your Master. Wear this Crescent Moon and Stars Jewelry Slave Bracelet and make yourself stand out while blending in with the vanilla crowd.

Color Gold
Material Sterling Silver
Cubic Zirconia
Dimension Length: 6.30 +1.97 inches
Width/Diameter: Adjustable

Crescent Moon and Stars Jewelry Slave Bracelet

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