Minimalist Golden Slave Bracelet Jewelry

Contrary to what vanilla people think, slaves are also rewarded and are not always punished. So make it a habit to give your submissive partner gifts to let her know you appreciate her submission and discipline. The Minimalist Golden Slave Bracelet Jewelry is an elegant piece that doesn’t scream out BDSM when worn in public. It’s discreet and elegant at the same time.

This lovely piece consists of a bracelet that is connected to a ring via a chain. Incorporated into this chain are three acrylic crystals in prong settings. These embellishments look very similar to diamonds, but they don’t cost an arm and a leg.

The piece, despite its simplicity, looks exquisite. It makes a clear statement: No one should dare touch your slave because someone owns them intimately. If it screams one’s BDSM lifestyle in the community, this elegant piece makes a subtle statement in the world of vanilla. In the eyes of a non-BDSM practitioner, it’s a lovely piece of jewelry that elevates one’s style and fashion. And true enough, it can go well with any outfit your partner wears.

The bracelet is made of zinc alloy. It’s a material that is becoming more popular in manufacturing jewelry not only because it’s affordable but also because it’s quite durable and rust- and corrosion-resistant. Though not the strongest metal out there, zinc alloy isn’t brittle. That means this jewelry will last!

To keep it secure on your partner’s hand, lock its lobster clasp. With this locking mechanism, the adornment will stay in place even when she gets wild. Your slave can enjoy it for long if they take good care of it by not exposing it to direct heat or sunlight when not in use.

Reward your submissive with something special, kinky, and elegant. Why wait for your anniversary when you can buy it now?

Color Gold
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: 6.30 + 1.97 inches (16+5 cm)
Width/Diameter: NA

Minimalist Golden Slave Bracelet Jewelry

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