Subtle Seduction Slave Chain Bracelets
Subtle Seduction Slave Chain Bracelets
Subtle Seduction Slave Chain Bracelets
Subtle Seduction Slave Chain Bracelets

Sexy without even trying—that’s how you describe your Sub. She’s a head-turner, and you can’t help but feel proud and jealous at the same time. While you can’t stop other people from appreciating her beauty, you can always find ways to remind her that she belongs to you. And one way to do that is by making her wear the Subtle Seduction Slave Chain Bracelets.

This stylish accessory does not look kinky at all. In fact, it looks elegant and is something your partner wouldn’t mind wearing. With its minimalist design, no one can tell that it symbolizes your raunchy agreement, making this the perfect tool to carry your secret. It has an adjustable golden chain that is fastened by a tiny lobster hook. A lone black triangle is at the center, holding the chains together and connecting a pair of gold rings that goes to your Sub’s index and ring fingers. The hand chains are of the perfect length—not too long, nor too short. It’s only enough to slightly tug your partner’s hand if she’s not careful with her movements. You know, just a bit of a reminder not to do anything naughty with her hands.

The entire accessory is made of zinc alloy and is therefore rustproof. As it is durable and discreet, your partner can wear this 24/7. These bracelets and rings are very easy to clean, too. Your ordinary jewelry cleaner should do the trick; no fancy solutions are needed. It’s safe to say that this BDSM trinket has everything: It’s lightweight, low-maintenance, and most of all, stunning!

Your lovely Submissive deserves the best, so do not settle for anything less. Buy her the Subtle Seduction Slave Chain Bracelets now, or you’ll spend your days sulking whenever other guys swoon at her beauty. Add this to your cart ASAP!

Color Bracelets and Rings: Gold
Ornament: Black
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: Bracelet: 7.68 inches (19.5 cm)
Width/Diameter: Rings: Adjustable

Subtle Seduction Slave Chain Bracelets

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