Slave Control Mouth Gag Sex Harness
Slave Control Mouth Gag Sex Harness
Slave Control Mouth Gag Sex Harness

Gaining full authority over a person is something all Masters want. But this command does not happen as easily as 1,2,3. It takes a good amount of effort for you to earn your Sub's trust.

To be a good Dom, you have to try out the Slave Control Mouth Gag Sex Harness. It is a combination of a mouth gag and collar; hence, you get two kinds of BDSM accessories in one piece.

This piece is made of high-grade PU leather, a beautiful display of black goodness. PU leather is smooth and has fantastic shine. Easy to clean and is a bit cheaper than genuine leather, this material will feel comfortable when worn. Moreover, this gag has adjustable straps for your Slave to find the right fit. Not too tight or too loose, this O-ring will stay in place even during the bumpiest positions.

The ring at the center will keep your Sub from closing his mouth as you go through with your kinky sessions. It will keep her words muffled and her saliva dripping. Imagine a helpless Sub in your full control. Someone you spank, squeeze and have sex with all through the night.

And it does not stop there; this stunning gag extends to become a restricting collar covering the entire surface of his neck. And at the center of the collar is a solid D-ring where you can easily attach your leash. Suitable for animal role-playing or to drag your Slave around for humiliation, this accessory is going to change the game for you!

With the fittest costume and perfect mood, you have to set the vibe right. But you still need to get your Sub's consent for you to have a safe BDSM session. Assign your safe words or, in this case, time-out signals. Safety is always a priority!

Grab this perfect piece have the best time!

Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Slave Control Mouth Gag Sex Harness

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