Slave Friendly Pastel Collar
Slave Friendly Pastel Collar

Got a naughty little you wish to enslave? Let the Slave Friendly Pastel Collar help you!

The product name says everything best about this accessory. It’s a slave-friendly piece you don’t want to miss. It comes in pastel color variants you can choose from. Do you have an innocent-looking lass? Then surprise her with the white version of it. Does she have a bubbly personality? Go for the blue one instead. What makes this piece more exciting is it comes with a bell that rings whenever she moves. That’s something you have to look forward to, especially if the sound it creates makes you go wild.

The collar is made of two PU leather straps of different pastel colors glued together, making the whole ensemble thick. To wear it, all you have to do is open its belt-like lock then place it on her neck. Worried it may not fit your slave? Fret not; it has holes from one end to another, allowing it to be easily adjusted. That means it can fit most neck sizes. It also comes with a leash you can use for pet play.

Also, PU leather is a material known for its skin-friendliness. Even if your partner has sensitive skin, you can still rely on this choker to not cause rashes on her neck. It is also lightweight and comfortable. Planning to make her wear it for hours? You got it! It can even withstand everyday wearing because PU leather is a sturdy component.

For proper maintenance, it would help if you don’t soak the collar in water. Doing so will cause the surface to deteriorate fast. Just wipe its surface with a clean cloth before and after use to keep it tidy.

What are you still waiting for? Add this cute and slave-friendly collar to your cart today!

Color White, Blue
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Collar: 11.42 – 16.54 inches
Leash: 47.24 inches
Width/Diameter: Leash: 0.59 inch

Slave Friendly Pastel Collar

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