Slave Punishment Head Harness Gag

Your slave has been very naughty lately. She started disobeying you when you didn't give her what she wanted. So as a sign of her resentment, she would bite her lips to keep them closed when you want to shove your dick into her mouth. And if you forced her to open her mouth, she would intentionally bite the skin of your glans to make you stop. Ouch!

Don't let this happen again! Give your slave the punishment she deserves with this Slave Punishment Head Harness Gag. Once you put it on her, it will keep her mouth open, whether she likes it or not!

The gear, unlike the simple one used in this video, features a leather head harness that goes over the head and around the mouth. These straps are connected by three metallic rings found at the forehead and cheek areas. 

Meanwhile, the back and chin straps have buckles that allow for adjustability and added security. Then, there's the ring gag, which is also made of metal. This steel circle is coated with synthetic leather for comfort.

But that's where the comfort ends. The real punishment starts once you put it on your naughty slave's head. So place the ring inside their mouth and buckle up! Once the harness is fastened around their head, and the gag is in between their lips, your disobedient partner has no choice but to keep their mouth open wide. The best part? You have the freedom to play with their pitiful lips.

Put whatever you want inside their mouth — be it your cock, tongue, or even a penetrative toy like a dildo or a vibrator. Your rebellious slave will take it all in, even if they don't want to. Just don't forget to set a safe signal before the retribution starts. That way, you'll know if it's time to stop.

Discipline your naughty slave by controlling their bad mouth with this Slave Punishment Head Harness Gag. Grab one now!


Color Black
Material Harness: Synthetic Leather
Ring Gag: Synthetic Leather + Metal
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: 1.54 inches

Slave Punishment Head Harness Gag

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