Slave Punishment Leather Gag
Slave Punishment Leather Gag
Slave Punishment Leather Gag
Slave Punishment Leather Gag

During silence play, muffled moanings and grunts of pleasure are such music to a dominant’s ears. It is as if watching an ASMR video, but in this case, you're getting thrilled and satisfied by the sound of a submissive’s helpless predicament. And if containing your partner’s sound of delight is also your fetish, then this Slave Punishment Leather Gag is the product for you.

There are many types of gags available on the market, depending on the level of a submissive’s gagging experience. Of course, consent plays a significant role in that. Not all of them can withstand the extremity of other oral tormenting tools. So as for you, it would be best if there is an item on your collection within your partner’s limitation. It should stand in between easy to deal with and not overwhelming to make sure she uses it. And with the PU leather base material of this item, you can gag her up, just as you plan.

It stands far from its spider and jaw-breaker counterparts in terms of extremity, so it would help you gain her consent easily. This tool is composed of a short bar stuffed in the mouth and an adjustable strap to keep it in place. Overall, the parts are made durable from their fine side stitchings and to the metal studs that connect these two parts. It also has a belt-like buckle that you can adjust to fit your partner’s head circumference.

PU leather is also known for its water resistance property, so even as your partner drools a lot, you don’t have to worry about ruining its quality.

Remember, one who maintains cleanliness keeps himself away from diseases. Make sure you wipe the surface of the gag before and after use to keep it tidy. Use a slightly damped cloth to avoid soaking the whole thing in water. Doing so will affect the quality of this piece over time, so it would be best to avoid it. Since you are to put it in your partner’s mouth, you need to be extra cautious when practicing proper hygiene.

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Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Slave Punishment Leather Gag

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