Slave Temptress Lingerie Harness
Slave Temptress Lingerie Harness
Slave Temptress Lingerie Harness
Slave Temptress Lingerie Harness
Slave Temptress Lingerie Harness

You find it hard to seduce your man with those thongs and lingerie. You feel like your effort gets wasted when he gets trigger-happy to strip those undies off just to reveal what's inside them. And as much as you want to play the role of a slave, you can't proceed as he's too excited!

If this is always the case, then give him just what he wants. Get completely naked with the Slave Temptress Lingerie Harness. He has nothing to strip off anymore, but at least you have something to wear!

This super revealing outfit is made of only thin, stretchy spandex straps. They are all connected using washer-like metal rings to build a sexy, geometric-inspired harness. It has a collar with an inverted Y-strap attached to two slanted bands in the abs. They form a diamond shape with other two thongs fastened to the leg bands.

Each strap has a slider that allows adjustment to conform to the user's body type. You can refer to the box below and the photo above for its parts' size ranges.

You can use this for sex plays but not limited to that occasion only. Walk into the room with nothing but this sultry outfit. Let your maniac man drool from madness as the dress exposes your plump breasts and skin-shaved pussy. Hand him your blindfold and cuffs too, and beg for him to tie you. Submit to him like a real slave following her master's every command.

You can also match this with any plain shirt and skirt. You can complement it with your favorite latex jumpsuits, too. With its design, anything can be paired to it, making you look steaming hot. Be ready as your audience will take a second look at your curvy waist and protruding buttocks—thanks to this dress!

If he can't wait to see your naked body, then the Slave Temptress Lingerie Harness should be your sex gear moving forward. Entice your man and get this now!

Color Red, Black
Material Spandex
Dimension Length: N/A
Waist - 24-37 inches
Hips - 24-47 inches
Bust - 27-47 inches
Chest - 24-40 inches
Legs - 16-20 inches

Slave Temptress Lingerie Harness

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