Slave Torture Fetish Spider Gag
Slave Torture Fetish Spider Gag
Slave Torture Fetish Spider Gag
Slave Torture Fetish Spider Gag
Slave Torture Fetish Spider Gag

So, you and your partner enjoy using restraints during foreplay. You like watching her drool, so you got her an open-mouth gag. Eventually, she found a way to cheat by flipping the ring gag horizontally. You felt disappointed with this act of defiance and punished her for it.

Well, you can save yourself the hassle and use a bondage tool that will leave her no room to escape. And for a more secure gag experience, you should get this Slave Torture Fetish Spider Gag.

Splurge in the orgasmic pleasures of dominance and slavery. Keep your submissive's mouth open for as long as you want with the help of this Slave Torture Fetish Spider Gag. This mouth restraint has a round shape metal gag that will expose the insides of her mouth. With this solid and hollow gag, you can play around with her facial orifice by inserting toys or perhaps. . .your robust dong.

And with this spider gag, she won't have the ability to refuse. That's because the four curvy legs will prevent your mischievous partner from flipping the ring to nullify the purpose of wearing a ring gag. The metal legs will press against her cheeks for a more secure gagging experience.

The straps that hold the metal mouthpiece are synthetic leather. Putting it around your partner is as simple as wearing a belt. Just insert the strap in the buckle and adjust the tightness accordingly.

By inflicting a little torture, your sub might try to talk or moan. And as your slave tries to do so, drool will eventually start to spill. What a beautiful sight to see!

However, do set a safe gesture to make your partner feel safer during your bondage play.

This metal spider gag is available in two metallic tones - gold and silver. Add this to your cart now!

Color Strap: Black
Metal Gag: Gold, Silver
Material Strap: PU Leather
Metal Gag: Metal
Dimension Length: Adjustable
gag’s Diameter: N/A

Slave Torture Fetish Spider Gag

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