Slave's Black Spiked Collar
Slave's Black Spiked Collar
Slave's Black Spiked Collar
Slave's Black Spiked Collar

Your slave girl is a true blue rebel. She likes to do things her way, and when you tell her to do something that she doesn't like, she'll test your temper until you lose it and punish her.

For bitches like her, the best collar to gift her is this Slave's Black Spiked Collar. This badass collar will reflect her attitude and style. It will also remind her that she's your property, so she has no choice but to obey you, or she'll suffer the consequences.

This choker is embellished with metal studs and rivets in various sizes. This design alone will tell everyone in the community how badass your chick is. It also has two pins that can slip into the punched holes for an easy and secure fit. And since the collar is made of synthetic leather, rest assured that this accessory won't cause irritation to your brat's skin. Hence, it's a perfect bondage collar for rebellious sluts with sensitive skin.

Ready to give your disobedient slave a lesson that she won't forget? Put her in a kinky mood and position! Remove her clothes and tie her to the bed, the chair, or with a restraint tool of your choice. Don't forget to wrap this around her neck, as this will be a sign that she will be punished severely.

Once you're satisfied with your brat's look and position, go ahead and do whatever you want with her. Slap her tummy, clamp her tits and clit, violate her body—do all these and more to her until she begs for your mercy. When she learns her lesson, give your slave girl some aftercare and explain why you had to do that to her. That way, she'll understand why you'd have to punish her hard.

Remind your slutty slave who you are in her life by wrapping this Slave's Black Spiked Collar around her neck. Get one now!

Color Black + Silver
Material Collar: Synthetic Leather
Spikes & Studs: Metal
Dimension Length:
Full Length - 17.32 inches (44 cm)
Spiked Part – 7.48 inches (19 cm)
Distance Between Punched Holes – 0.98 inch (2.5 cm)
Tall Spikes – 0.98 (2.5 cm)
Width/Diameter: 1.42 inches (3.6 cm)

Slave's Black Spiked Collar

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