Slave's Knitted Rope Play Hogtie Harness
Slave's Knitted Rope Play Hogtie Harness
Slave's Knitted Rope Play Hogtie Harness
Slave's Knitted Rope Play Hogtie Harness
Slave's Knitted Rope Play Hogtie Harness

For vanilla people, it's just a rope—nothing but a tool used in binding or hanging things. But for kinksters, a rope not used for bondage is a pleasurable opportunity missed.

Of course, not all types of rope are appropriate for binding your partner. There are many factors to be considered; the kind of play you wish to explore with your submissive, the rope's thickness, texture, braiding, and durability. It is also a must to have adequate knowledge about knot-tying to make sure that your partner is safe. Yes, these factors are the reasons why many enthusiasts prefer to play with cuffs. They are more convenient to use and don't take too much time and effort during the preparatory stage.

You, too, have those thoughts in mind. But if you can't fight off the itch of tying your partner with a rope, then let this Slave's Knitted Rope Play Hogtie Harness help you.

Who wouldn't love the idea of this harness? It's already set to put your partner in a hogtie position. The equally divided ropes are perfectly knitted and connected by a metal ring. More so, they have intricate knots, so you don't have to worry about any of the ropes suddenly loosening or tightening in the middle of the play. And since they are cotton and hemp, you can trust that this harness is sturdy enough to withstand tension. Each piece is soft and hypoallergenic too! You can lay your guards down as it won't leave your partner with crappy rashes and scratches.

Don't forget, practice makes perfect. Not all women have a flexible body ready for hogtie bondage. Before using this harness, make sure your partner tries it a couple of times so that she knows what to expect. Also, assign safewords or gestures to use should things go a little too much for her.

Indeed with this harness, you already got everything you need. All that's left to do now is add it to your cart.

Color Brown
Material Cotton
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: 3.54 inches (max. opening)

Slave's Knitted Rope Play Hogtie Harness

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