Slutty Slave Mouth Stuffed Gag
Slutty Slave Mouth Stuffed Gag
Slutty Slave Mouth Stuffed Gag

If you want sex to be kinkier than how it is now, you have to consider introducing sex toys and other pleasure tools into the scene. You don't have to be a BDSM enthusiast to enjoy the thrill of bondage play. All you need is a willing partner to try out something new and exciting like the Slutty Slave Mouth Stuffed Gag. Together, explore the excitement in silence.

Turn your partner into a slut, one who would do everything to get down and dirty with you. Make her more desirable by pushing the gag into her mouth. This mouth stuffer will allow her to breathe as it has three holes for airflow. This rubber sphere is firm, yet it's squeezable; thus, it will be easy on her jaws. Like any other gags, it has a diameter of 1.57 inches, making it a mouth-filling sphere. This rubber ball has arms that are attached to the metal D-rings of the strap.

Wrap the belt around her head, and tighten it a bit; otherwise, your partner can spit out the gag. The right tightness will force the ball to settle in her mouth, but make sure it isn't too tight that she won't endure wearing it. Remember, it has to make her feel sexy and slutty, not horrific. Secure the closure by buckling the strap.

The gag is a combination of silicone and PVC, so it feels soft in the mouth. Unlike its metal and plastic counterparts, a rubber ball feels good to bite on when she's receiving your hard spank. The ball will enforce silence, and it will restrict your lady from biting you. The strap is crafted from superior quality PU leather. Just like the gag, it will endure wear and tear. Its edges are sewn with great care to reinforce durability.

Make your next intimate moments intense soon. Buy now!

Color Red, Black, Pink
Material PVC+Silicone
PU Leather (Strap)
Dimension Length: Total Length: 22.44 inches (570 mm)
Width/Diameter: Ball: 1.57 inches (40 mm)

Slutty Slave Mouth Stuffed Gag

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