Smooth Flowing Silk Scarf Gags
Smooth Flowing Silk Scarf Gags
Smooth Flowing Silk Scarf Gags
Smooth Flowing Silk Scarf Gags
Smooth Flowing Silk Scarf Gags

Nothing beats a slow night together—sipping wine under the bright moon, embracing each other, until everything gets sensual that your hands crawl to each other's sweet spots. These are the moments you live for—the moments that mark your life.

Make these times more intense by taking her for a ride of her life. The grandest feeling of passion is when she does not know what to expect. So romance her, and then use the Smooth Flowing Silk Scarf Gags to cover her eyes, and even the mouth--like so, in this video, for a bit of surprise! 

This scarf is not your ordinary silk cover; this is made for passionate, heart-tugging ventures. With its long history of being associated with royalties and celebrities, silk is one of the finest materials out there. The soft and lightweight characteristics of silk make it the perfect sensual medium for these sexual escapades. This 59-inch piece is subtle yet will do the job for you. Its length gives you the freedom to experiment and make bold moves. You can easily tie almost anything with this versatile lace. Aside from using it as a mouth stuffing and blindfold, you can use this to restrain your lover for deeper, more passionate lovemaking.

This versatile fabric is available in two colors— stunning black with white and a black with a touch of pink. Choose whichever option suits and complements your taste and her skin tone.

Don't get too caught up in the moment. Make time to discuss safety. Talk about what to say and do when things get too much for you or your partner. A sexual escapade is only good between two consenting adults! Assign gestures that will serve as the triggering action for you to refrain from what you might overdo. Keep the play safe and sane, as they say!

Never underestimate the power of a simple lace strand! It will elevate your whole sexual experience to heights you never thought possible! Buy now!

Color Black and White, Black and Pink
Material Silk
Dimension Length: 59.06 inches (150 cm)
Width/Diameter: 2.95 inches (75 mm)

Smooth Flowing Silk Scarf Gags

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