Snake Choker Collar
Snake Choker Collar

Your submissive submits to all your whims. She shows discipline and obedience and clearly understands the dynamic. For you, she is a keeper.

While she allows herself to be collared, she doesn't like to wear the symbol when she's out with friends or colleagues. So now you are on your quest looking for a collar that she can flaunt around while with vanilla peeps.

Why search any further when you have found the Snake Choker Collar? This enthralling piece will delight her for sure because she can turn this into an intriguing choker that invites attention, the good kind.

It is a day collar that will turn heads, not raise eyebrows. It features a 63-inch cord, a detailed pair of metal serpents, and a dazzling circular blue-green stone. Wrap the faux suede cord around your submissive's neck until it becomes a choker. Ensure that the two identical snakes rest on her collarbone.

This gothic and witch-inspired choker is versatile. While it is perfect with gothic outfits, she can rock it with anything casual or dressy. It is a trendy daywear accessory that she will love to display seven days a week.

She can wear this fascinating collar with her sexy lingerie or any submissive dress you would like her to put on during play. The best thing about it is that she can be a bewitching enchantress wearing nothing but this!

Impeccably handcrafted, everything about it is perfection. The snake charm seems realistic. The two reptiles have prominent scales and tails that are coiled. And in their mouths, they are holding labradorite. It can't get any better than this!

This enticing jewelry will let her embrace the dark side of your fantasies. So don't hesitate to gift her with this extraordinary piece. What are you waiting for? Get bewitched and enchanted soon when you buy today!

Color Black and Silver
Material Pendant: Zinc Alloy
Collar: Faux Suede
Dimension Length: 63 inches (160 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Snake Choker Collar

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