Soft and Comfy Daddy's Girl Collar
Soft and Comfy Daddy's Girl Collar

You were in the middle of an intense fucking session when your woman suddenly uttered, "Choke me, Daddy!" Like a reflex, you groped your woman's neck and indeed blocked her airway with your bare hands. It was awesome! From then on, you knew your lady's into some DILF action.

Stir her more by playing Daddy-Princess games more often. But add a twist each time you play it. You can incorporate the Soft and Comfy Daddy's Girl Collar into your session and make each move wilder!

Label your lady with this choker and let her know her role in the relationship—a Daddy's Girl. It has a zinc alloy metal text studded with diamond-like acrylic gems that spells 'DADDY GIRL' on it. These letters rest on a PU leather strap with a plush material on the backside lining of the belt. Given the materials that make it, you can rest assured that your princess' sensitive neck skin is safe from scratches and bruises even after a period of use.

Aside from its brilliant text, it also features a D-ring fastened on a thin leather strap at its facade. This ring serves as the hook should you want to transform your naughty play into a BDSM sesh. Attach a leash and chain on it, and perform some choking and restraining plays after.

Its design does not only allow comfort. It is ergonomic, too. It conforms to its user's needs, allowing safety as it's worn. With its width that embraces the entire neck, relax that your darling won't experience a stiff neck after. It restrains the movement of the head, limiting its twists and turns, thus ensuring the relaxed muscles throughout the play.

Apart from using it as a sex accessory, this is a great match to outfits, too. Your sweetheart can wear it with whatever top she likes, and she'll look stunning and hot.

Make her choose between black and pink. Add this Soft and Comfy Daddy's Girl Collar to your cart now!

Color Black, Pink
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Soft and Comfy Daddy's Girl Collar

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