Soft Leather Over the Nose Gag
Soft Leather Over the Nose Gag
Soft Leather Over the Nose Gag
Soft Leather Over the Nose Gag
Soft Leather Over the Nose Gag

As you make yourself comfortable with wearing cuffs and leashes during your bondage sessions, you find yourself wanting more. The feeling of having one or two of your senses being stripped off heightens your kinky encounters. Your Master's touch is more passionate; your body is longing for it as he ties you to the bedpost. This is your obsession, and you want more.

The Soft Leather Over the Nose Gag is an effective debilitating accessory. This uniquely designed PU leather bandit gag has sexy straps that go over the head and at the back of your neck for better support. These adjustable belts will help this mask stay in place even when things are a little bumpy.

Additionally, the leather face cover that seals half of the face has a ball for your mouth. This piece will prevent you from biting off your tongue during the bondage session. With this inside your mouth, your drooling will be uncontrollable. So if you are into that kind of kinky play, this is your perfect mouth gag.

Moreover, this face mask extends to the neck, giving a sinister vibe as you wear this. If you are into breathe play, then this mask will provide you with that satisfaction. With the leather flap extending up to the nose, you will surely gasp for air!

As a good participant of BDSM, make sure you both talk about how to communicate when things get a bit uncomfortable. These sessions are all about passion, and things may get complicated in the heat of the moment. That is why it is important to assign safe actions to signal uneasiness to your Master.

In addition, cleaning these accessories after each session is essential. Wipe each part with a soapy solution. After that, make sure you store this in a separate container, away from extreme heat.

Upgrade your BDSM experience. Don't forget to add this item to your purchase today!

Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Soft Leather Over the Nose Gag

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