Softcore Sensation Fuzzy Neck Cuff
Softcore Sensation Fuzzy Neck Cuff
Softcore Sensation Fuzzy Neck Cuff
Softcore Sensation Fuzzy Neck Cuff
Softcore Sensation Fuzzy Neck Cuff
Softcore Sensation Fuzzy Neck Cuff

Has your pet started to misbehave or has gone too frisky to handle during playtime? Although Cesar Milan is the best Dog Whisperer, he can't do anything to tame and discipline your human pup. Being the owner, it's your job to make your pet behave well. To get your job done with ease, put on the Softcore Sensation Fuzzy Neck Cuff around your pup's neck. As soft as cotton, your pet will feel that you care enough, but with the metal leash, they'll understand you're serious.

The fluffy collar isn't intimidating, making it ideal for beginners while it's still great for experienced users. The faux fur doesn't feel irritating, but it will definitely feel ticklish, adding pleasant sensations that your pup will enjoy. The fur material is meticulously attached to a PU leather belt, creating a luxurious neckpiece that's warm and comfy. With an adjustable buckled strap mechanism, it provides a snug yet secure fit.

Be in charge and take the lead by attaching the leash to the collar. Hook the swivel snap of the chain to the D-ring of the collar. Then, you're ready to take your pet out for a walk...err in your case, to your lair of pleasure. The chain features sturdy metal links to endure resistance if ever your puppy becomes unruly. At the other end is the handle, where you can loop your hand for secure and easy handling.

Dirt and sweat will collect over time, so keep the fur fluffy, soft, and fresh. Wash it in warm water with shampoo. Let it drip dry, then use a hairdryer to eliminate moisture and give it a nice fluff. With all parts made of superior quality material, the collar with a leash promises many exciting sessions with your puppy. Don't forget to give your pet a pair of cute ears and a furry tail, too!

Not into pet play, but you'd love to put a collar on your partner just for fun? The softcore neck cuff is the perfect deal. Buy now?

Color Fur: Brown
PU Leather: Black
Leash: Metal
Material Faux Fur
PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Collar’S Furry Part: 18.11 inches (46 cm)
Collar’s Adjustable Range: 12.60-19.09 inches <32-48.5 cm)
Leash (Chain with Loop): 33.07 inches (84 cm)
Collar’s Furry Part: 3.15 inches (8 cm)

Softcore Sensation Fuzzy Neck Cuff

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