Softcore Sex Toys Handcuffs
Softcore Sex Toys Handcuffs
Softcore Sex Toys Handcuffs
Softcore Sex Toys Handcuffs
Softcore Sex Toys Handcuffs

Delicate things are your preference. Soft flowers, fine furniture, silky underwear, it just gets you in the mood for some sexy time. When it comes to BDSM, you are all about easing yourself in and having the mood for romance; it is all about your pace.

You still love the rough and tough play, but sometimes adding flavor by changing your toys is a way to elevate your experience. That is why the Softcore Sex Toys Handcuffs is is an excellent way to pump up your Dom-Sub performance.

This is a different take on the bondage cuff. Unlike the usual leather or stainless steel options, this material is soft on the hand for extended use. Soft silicone is flexible, yet, you will also enjoy stiff restrictions when you wear this on. The gentle feeling on the skin is a great advantage when you like a break from the usual rigid material. Moreover, the purple color of this wrist cuff is a lovely accent to pair with your other BDSM selections.

Two stable silver chains connect the two rounded cuffs. This is to make sure you can't untangle this cuff when you worn. Your Master can easily add weights or any leash to this cuff with its attached O-rings. Upgrade your lair adventures with added difficulty for more action.

With all these happening, make sure you discuss with your Dom a safe word or signal. Sometimes these passionate encounters get to be too much; make sure you warn your Master to stop when you want to.

Cleaning this silicone cuff is a breeze. You can wash this with warm water and soap. Dry this well with a clean cloth before storing it in a separate container.

There is no big secret to keeping your partner interested. You just have to make sure you add different varieties of BDSM accessories to play. Add this cuff to your collection now!

Color Purple
Material Soft Silicone
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Softcore Sex Toys Handcuffs

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