Solid Locking Metal Collar
Solid Locking Metal Collar
Solid Locking Metal Collar

How can you ever tame your stubborn Sub? She has been a bit rowdy these days and has been a bit hard to control. You have been good to her and, frankly, a bit soft too. Playing along with her naughty doing, she has been winning and, you need to bring her back to her place.

Nothing says 'discipline' better than the Solid Locking Metal Collar. Stop being friendly and replace your soft, leather chockers with this solid metal-made accessory. She will see that you mean business when she feels this solid piece on her neck. Although tougher than its leather counterparts, you can be sure this piece won't harm your lover's delicate neck. The smooth surface will allow you to play rough while still avoiding any serious injuries. Also, the hypoallergenic exterior will ensure no harmful skin reactions will occur even when worn for several hours.

As the fixed material allows for minimal adjustments, you have several size options to choose from. Make sure you have your measuring tape ready as it will not be too comfortable when your metal choker is too tight or too loose. You have a 100 mm, 110 mm, 130 mm up to 150 mm with 0.16-inch thickness.

Although simple in design, there is nothing ordinary about this neckband. Once your lover wears this, there is no taking it off. The extensive locking method will assure you of that. You have a separate bolt that you have to screw in to secure. When it's time to take this off, you need the key to unlock the collar off.

Submissives should use tools that are hygienic too. So make sure you wipe this clean with a disinfectant after each use. Also, when not in use, do not expose this to extreme heat as it may cause damage to the surface.

Tame your baby girl the right way; buy this today!

Color Black
Material Metal
Dimension Length: 0.16 inches
Inner: 100mm: 3.94 inches
110mm: 4.33 inches
120mm: 4.72 inches
130mm: 5.12 inches
140mm: 5.52 inches
150mm: 5.96 inches
Metal Thickness: 0.16 inch

Solid Locking Metal Collar

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