Spiked Dom Sub Collar
Spiked Dom Sub Collar
Spiked Dom Sub Collar
Spiked Dom Sub Collar

Planning to do a role switch with your dominatrix? Of course, you can’t do that without proper tools.

However, she set a rule that you have to seek her approval upon using BDSM items to her. It sounds like a reasonable order until every single thing you present to her seems to make her raise her eyebrow. You showed her clamps, but she doesn’t want anything to do with them. You gave her a flogger, but it seems like she still needs time to process if she’s already willing to feel pain.

What can you expect from someone who’s used to inflicting pain on others, right? She may be having a hard time with the transition. So instead of overwhelming tools for torture, you might want to start by making her wear this Spiked Dom Sub Collar.

The spikes all over the collar’s band signify that the wearer is untouchable. These embellishments give a dominatrix reassuring thought that she still is and will be the one in control after the switch. It will surely help her with the whole transition. Once she finally settles down, you can ask her to be your pet and drag her around using the leash attached to the ring of the collar. It is made of a link chain and a handle you can wrap around your hand.

Choose among the silver, red, and black variants that speak the most about your dominatrix’s personality. Since it is a product of PU leather base material, you can put all your worries to rest. Her skin is safe with it, even if she wears it for an extended period. It is made to withstand intense BDSM play just like in this video too. All its components are durable, giving you both years of pleasurable scenes. Lastly, you can adjust its fitting based on your partner’s neck circumference. It has a belt-like buckle and a good number of holes at the backside. 

Switching roles in BDSM may be a little overwhelming. Try to start with collars first, then add another after every successful switch. Come on; there’s no time to lose! Add this product to your cart today!


Color Silver, Red, Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Spiked Dom Sub Collar

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