Spiked Locking Leather Collar
Spiked Locking Leather Collar
Spiked Locking Leather Collar
Spiked Locking Leather Collar
Spiked Locking Leather Collar

It's been a year since you've become someone's beloved human pet. Though you love the freedom of engaging in different doms every night, you still miss having someone who'll treat you as their own. You miss being tormented by your Master when you're misbehaving or rewarded with gifts when you're a good slave.

It's time to end that freedom of yours and find a dominant partner who will own you for good. Grab your sexiest clothes, swipe red lipstick on your lips, and wear this Spiked Locking Leather Collar at a kinky party. Doing so will make everyone stop and stare at you once they see you entering the hallway. Doms—and even subs—will eventually approach you and ask you to be their kinky partner for the rest of their lives!

This bondage choker looks badass. Aside from being made of synthetic leather, which is enough to give this collar an angsty look, it's accessorized with spikes. These rivets add an "oomph" factor to the usual collar, making it a perfect accessory not just for slaves but for Doms, too! It also has slits on one end of the collar and a leather loop on the other, enabling you to fasten and adjust its fit around your neck. Just pick a hole where you want to slip the longer side, then slide it into the loop to secure it in place.

But if you think your look is still not enough, don't worry. This choker comes with a padlock and a key. Not only will it keep the collar safe around your neck, but it will also let the kinksters know that you're up to be someone's slave. You're just waiting for the right Master to come and take you home.

Be someone's submissive partner for eternity. Grab this Spiked Locking Leather Collar now!

Color Black
Material Collar: Synthetic Leather
Spikes: Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Spiked Locking Leather Collar

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