Spiked O-Ring Punk Collar
Spiked O-Ring Punk Collar
Spiked O-Ring Punk Collar

Not all collars are made for subs. Some can be worn by Doms, too! And if you're looking for an accessory handcrafted for feisty lovers, this Spiked O-Ring Punk Collar is a perfect choice! Your slave will make himself wet by just looking at what's on your neck.

This badass collar has a two-layered strap connected by two short bands perpendicular to each other. Both belts are studded with tiny rivets, giving this choker a steampunk look. At the center of the lower strap is an O-ring, completing the design of this kinky accessory.

Both the upper and lower neckbands have snap-on buttons at the back. Not only do they keep the collar in place, but they also allow you to adjust the fit around the neck. Rest assured that the choker won't slip or fall off your neck.

Ready to rock this choker? There are many ways to don this accessory! If you're going to wear it in bed to make your passive partner wet down there, just put on suspenders and black pants while holding a flogger. But if you're going to wear it at a casual collar party, pair it up with a loose shirt and skinny trousers for that gothic look. Doing so will make every sub's and even Dom's heads turn as you make an entrance to the party.

This punk choker is made of faux leather, a widely used material in making such accessories. This type of leather looks like the real deal, except that it doesn't involve killing or harming innocent animals while making this choker. Hence, this is a perfect choice for dominants who fight against animal cruelty. Besides that, it's also skin-friendly. It won't leave rashes on your skin no matter how long you wear it.

Make yourself look feistier and hotter in the eyes of your submissive lover. Get this Spiked O-Ring Punk Collar now. Hurry because supplies are running out fast!

Color Black
Material Faux Leather
Dimension Length: 16.14 inches
Width/Diameter: 2.36 inches

Spiked O-Ring Punk Collar

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