Spiky Punk Hippie Arm Cuff
Spiky Punk Hippie Arm Cuff
Spiky Punk Hippie Arm Cuff
Spiky Punk Hippie Arm Cuff

Once in your life, all you cared about was sex and rock-and-roll! You were having the time of your life, and your sexual satisfaction was at its peak. You can still remember how you and your partner used to stay up all night and do several rounds of lovemaking before finally falling into slumber. . .only to have sex just as hard on the following night. Glory days, indeed! Well, you can relive those nights by using tools that will remind you of your badass stamina, like the Spiky Punk Hippie Arm Cuff.

This hardcore arm cuff is of high-quality synthetic leather, which explains its stunning look. There are rows of metal spikes that make it look more rebellious and voguish. With several rows of snap buttons, you can adjust the cuff's tightness according to the wearer's wrist size. All the rivets, spikes, and metal pieces are silver-tone. And when black and silver are right next to each other, you'll have a glamorous fashion piece. That makes this cuff a stylish bracelet to wear on casual events too.

But during the night, you can turn this accessory into a restraint. All you need to do is use the metal chain, which you'll also be receiving in this purchase. You'll find a lobster clasp at each end of this metal chain. You can attach the lobster clasp to the D-ring of each cuff, and voila, you have a ferocious arm cuff that you or your partner can wear to make sex more exciting.

Alternatively, you can utilize the rings to attach the cuffs to other bondage tools like a metal bar or bed restraints. Whichever way you intend to use these cuffs, you have to remember one thing. If you are to restrain someone, you need to get that person's consent.

Step into the world of bondage, and do so with hip and style! Add this Spiky Punk Hippie Arm Cuff to your cart now!

Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: 2.17 inches

Spiky Punk Hippie Arm Cuff

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