Stainless Gold Choker Collar
Stainless Gold Choker Collar
Stainless Gold Choker Collar
Stainless Gold Choker Collar

Congratulations! You’re about to be collared with your Dom. After months of planning, everything is now in order and prepared. Well, except for one thing—the bondage collars. If you’re looking for such momentous jewelry, look no further than this Stainless Gold Choker Collar! It looks so exquisite and divine; it’s a perfect accessory to commemorate your passionate love and devotion for each other.

This heirloom-quality kinky accessory is made of premium stainless steel. It’s gold-plated, giving the choker a luxurious look. It’s also mirror-polished, making your and your lover’s skin glow once you put it on. Hence, you and your partner will look blooming once you wrap this choker on each other’s necks and say your vows.

These are also why this collar is a perfect day accessory. Because of its simple yet luxurious look, you and your sweetheart can wear it in a vanilla setting. No one will raise their eyebrows upon seeing what’s on your neck. What a discreet and stylish way to show the world your promise of love and commitment for each other!

The collar is available in five sizes. There are 100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 130mm, and 140mm. Get the sizes of each other’s necks to ensure you’ll get chokers that perfectly fit. Once you have them, try them on to check if you get the correct variants. You may have some naughty nights with your lover and do some roleplaying games while you’re wearing it. Don’t worry, nobody will know that you’ve put them on and used them before the collaring ceremony.

Nobody can stop your upcoming collaring ceremony—except for not getting a bondage choker that will seal the deal. If you don’t want to prolong the agony of waiting, grab this Stainless Gold Choker Collar. These collars are running out fast, so hurry and get yours now!

Color Gold
Material Stainlesss Steel
Dimension Circumference:
100mm – 12.36 inches (31.4 cm)
110mm – 13.6 inches (36.5 cm)
120mm – 14.8 inches (37.6 cm)
130mm – 16 inches (40.8 cm)
140mm – 17.3 inches (43.9 cm)
100mm – 3.94 inches
110mm – 4.33 inches
120mm – 4.72 inches
130mm – 5.12 inches
140mm – 5.51 inches

Stainless Gold Choker Collar

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