Stainless Screw Lock Pillory
Stainless Screw Lock Pillory
Stainless Screw Lock Pillory
Stainless Screw Lock Pillory

It’s a mad world out there, and the only escape you and your partner can have is when you fulfill your sexual fantasies. You are the dominant partner, so play your role well, or you’ll ruin everything. Use the Stainless Screw Lock Pillory so you can take control and enjoy power play.

What you are looking at is a modern pillory that’s no longer used to punish criminals. Instead, it’s used to humiliate and restrain a partner willing to be treated as a slave. Designed to make sessions in the dungeon more dramatic and rousing, this gear features three rings lined up to shackle the wrists and the neck altogether.

It boasts a seamless locking mechanism that’s impossible to unlock, making the keyholder the only person who can set free whoever is bound in this stainless steel pillory. Each ring is equipped with a hinge to open, and it’s secured with a screw to keep it closed neatly. Use the Allen wrenches that go with this restraint tool to lock and unlock the wrist cuffs and the collar.

Made of stainless steel, this bondage tool is remarkably sturdy and durable. With smoothed edges, it won’t chafe or cut your partner’s skin. And as it’s resistant to corrosion and rusting, you’ll get to use and keep it for a lifetime. As for your slave’s skin, don’t worry. Stainless steel is generally safe for body use.

Two sets of sizes, male and female, are made available because anyone can be a willing slave. Whether your partner is a man, a woman, or someone in between, it will fit.

If handcuffs and ropes have become commonplace, make sure to spice up your game. The Stainless Screw Lock Pillory is cut for the job, so why think about it overnight when today is the best time to buy it? Get one now before stocks run out!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: NA
Handcuff Inner Diameter - 2.05*2.40 inches (5.2*6.1 cm)
Neck Ring Inner Diameter - 5.31 inches (13.5 cm)
Handcuff Inner Diameter - 1.85*2.24 inches (4.7*5.7 cm)
Neck Ring Inner Diameter - 5.31 inches (13.5 cm)

Stainless Screw Lock Pillory

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