Stainless Steel Collar and Chain
Stainless Steel Collar and Chain
Stainless Steel Collar and Chain
Stainless Steel Collar and Chain
Stainless Steel Collar and Chain

One of the favorite things you do with your plaything is shoving your cock into your partner’s mouth. You love the feeling of your slut’s puckered lips enclosing your package. You also like how your slave’s tongue wanders and licks the length of your member. But what you love the most is when you release your load into your lover’s throat. By just envisioning it, you want to get home right away and push your junk into your honey’s mouth once again.

But when the blowjob session takes too long, it’s pretty hard to keep your partner’s head up high, interrupting your oral sex routine. You have to tilt your lover’s head up or hold it just to keep that position. As a result, you’re focusing on keeping your plaything’s head straight rather than on the bliss brought by your sub’s luscious lips.

Don’t let your partner’s head halt the pleasure of oral sex! Get this Stainless Steel Collar and Chain to keep your plaything’s head up high—literally. This choker is thick enough to control the movements of your slave’s head, allowing you to thrust and release your cum into your sub’s mouth with no interruption. And with the chain included in the package, you can turn things up a notch by turning your slave into a human pet! Lead your human-dog wherever you want and let your submissive partner lick your bone with delight.

This choker is made of stainless steel. Hence, you are sure that this tough collar is built to last. Nonetheless, it ensures comfortable wear—thanks to the snap-on buttons at the back. And with the locking feature of this collar, rest assured that it will stay in place no matter how intense the scene gets.

The Stainless Steel Collar and Chain offers two variants: one for women and one for men. Pick a choker that suits your passive partner best and add it to your cart!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
For Women
Outer Diameter – 4.72 inches (12 cm)
Inner Diameter – 4.61 inches (11.7 cm)
For Men
Outer Diameter – 5.51 inches (15 cm)
Inner Diameter – 5.39 inches (13.7 cm)

Front – 3.23 inches (8.2 cm)
Back – 2.44 inches (6.2 cm)

Stainless Steel Collar and Chain

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