Stainless Steel Turian Collars
Stainless Steel Turian Collars

If you think collaring is not so important in a BDSM relationship or play, you are probably using it the wrong way.

You can use plenty of collar designs for your targeted story to create, and some products symbolize deeper connections. Yes, they may not be operable or give you orgasmic experience, but the plain sight of it on your submissive’s neck is enough to drive you crazy. It can boost your dominant ego and let you feel you are on top of the power dynamic. And when you experience that, you’ll be able to perform better and be the most exciting master.

Convinced you need a collar? Consider yourself lucky to find the Stainless Steel Turian Collars.

Just like a Turian, you are a disciplinarian. You want your bottom to obey all your orders. That’s why this collar will be your next prized possession. It will keep your submissive reminded of being owned by an authoritative Turian, so she better speak and act accordingly.

A product made of stainless steel, you can rest assured to be getting what you are paid for. It has a hypoallergenic and dent-free surface, so you know your partner’s neck is safe with it. Unlike other metal-based collars, this one doesn’t need a hex key screwdriver to lock and unlock. It has a hinge you can open and close as you put it on or off her neck. This product is also durable. You can let your bottom wear it for days, weeks, or even a month, depending on your preference for extended collaring.

Maintain the quality of this ensemble by washing it with warm water and mild soap from time to time. There are metal polishers available in the market you can buy to keep it sleek and shiny. When not in use, make sure to put it in a jewelry pouch to prevent its surface from getting scratches.

What’s still keeping you from getting this collar? Come on; it’s selling fast! Add yours now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: 4.13 and 4.72 inches (105mm and 120mm)

Stainless Steel Turian Collars

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