Stainless U-Shaped Mounting Hooks
Stainless U-Shaped Mounting Hooks
Stainless U-Shaped Mounting Hooks
Stainless U-Shaped Mounting Hooks
Stainless U-Shaped Mounting Hooks
Stainless U-Shaped Mounting Hooks

You bought a swing, and you have used it for how many times already. You know that it’s quite a catch based on its sturdiness. In fact, you and your partner became quickly at ease with it due to its reliability. You can practice different stunts without worrying about falling off of it. And with gravity-defying positions, sex is more fun and exciting!

However, people who use swings tend to overlook the value of regular installation checking. It is of the utmost importance because the rider’s safety is at stake.

Your swing may be at its exceptional quality, but the mounting tools that come with it may be not. They may promise a lifetime guarantee of putting the harness in place, but that depends on the weight they bear and the frequency they have to put up with it. So if you think your swing needs a new set of mounting tools, you shouldn’t miss out on trying the Stainless U-Shaped Mounting Hooks.

These tools are designed to carry heavy loads of up to 180 lbs and distribute the weight of the suspended person evenly. This allows the rider to balance herself until she finally lands in the most comfortable position. The hooks and base plate are 304 stainless steel, making them heavy-duty. They can be mounted on the ceiling using four screws.

The package also includes U-ceiling hangers where the spring clasps are attached. They boast anti-corrosion features, so once fastened, you can expect them to last for an extended period.

Make sure to check the whole mounting set once installed to prevent loose screws. You can put plenty of glue on the holes to keep them in place.

Check the installation of your swing today. And don’t forget to add this mounting hook set to serve as a replacement or backup.

Color Silver
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Base Plate: 1.97 inches (50 mm)
Distance of Base Plate to U-Ceiling Hanger: 0.83 inch (21 mm)
Base Plate: 1.57 inches (40 mm)
U-Ceiling Hanger: 0.83 inch (21 mm)
Base Plate: 0.12 inch (3 mm)
U-Ceiling Hanger: 0.32 inch (8 mm)
Maximum load bearing capacity: 180 lbs.

Stainless U-Shaped Mounting Hooks

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