Stainless Wire Collar
Stainless Wire Collar
Stainless Wire Collar

You're not an envious person. You are so confident with yourself that you are not easily dictated by the norm. While most girls believe they look so well with bling-bling, diamonds, and gold jewelry, here you are, thinking you can stand out at bare minimum accentuation. Well, you couldn't be any more right!

You've just reached the right page! Here, you can see a plain necklace/collar that brings out the beauty in a person. With just your confidence, the Stainless Wire Collar will suit anything that you match it with!

Lustrous accessories do not apply to all occasions. Gold may also look too overwhelming, especially when worn in an inappropriate event. But this collar is different. With its simple design—a thin, low-hanging wire—you can effortlessly wow your audience whatever gathering you wear it. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, so it doesn't break very easily. It has a mirror-like, finely polished surface that you can see yourself on it. It measures 17.88 inches, just enough not to choke you or overpower your top outfit. It has a locking mechanism at its back to ensure it securely clings to your neck.

Apart from using it as an accessory, this collar could be your statement piece, too. Such adornment is worn by slaves in BDSM relationships. So if you are the submissive who belongs to a master already, this is a great item to show it.

Match it with your low-cut collar dresses and blouses, and get a posh look that every girl would dream of achieving. Wear it at parties, gatherings, and even parades and marches to be noticed how submissive you are to your lover. After all, you don't care what other people say, right?

Prepare to be catcalled and to be the subject of the talk of the town as you wear this Stainless Wire Collar. Who can't blame them when you look sultry with it? Get yours now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 17.91 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A

Stainless Wire Collar

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