Studded Breathable Panel Gag
Studded Breathable Panel Gag
Studded Breathable Panel Gag

Being a beginner doesn't necessarily mean that you have to settle with mundane beginner tools. If you fancy starting your bondage journey in a glimmering way, you certainly can. Using this Studded Breathable Panel Gag will ignite a new blaze in your sex life, and you'll do so with style.

Oh, what a bliss; hearing your partner's suppressed sounds, watching her struggle to talk or breathe, and seeing her drool dripping down her face and neck. What an orgasmic sight to see as you ruin her body and love hole! It is indeed the ultimate bondage fantasy you replay in your mind. Lucky for you, you now have your consent. But like the stylish person that you are, you refuse to start or do anything the boring way. You always want to do it with glitter, and for that, the Studded Breathable Panel Gag is just what you need. This broad leather panel will cover the lower part of your slave's face. But to keep her from making audible sounds is this plastic gag with holes. This part will obstruct her from using her mouth but will still allow some air to pass, making an appropriate restraint for beginners at using gags. The panel has adjustable straps that lock at the back, and you can secure it in place using the latch and holes.

And because this panel gag's material is high-quality synthetic leather, it has a distinct sultriness like no other. But as if that's not enough, the rims of its front panel have numerous round studs that will make this piece look extra voguish.

You can amplify the excitement by using a blindfold or flogger for a hint of sensory deprivation or a little torture.

Don't breathe through the pain of dull and repetitive sex routines. Get your partner this breathable gag, and let your erotic nights begin.

Color Black and White, Black and Yellow, Red
Material Plastic
Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Studded Breathable Panel Gag

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