Studded Male Submissive Collar

You often see muscular men wearing leather accessories in porn clips. You wonder how it feels to put one on. Will it make you sexier? Will it raise your libido? What satisfaction does it bring its wearer?

There's no way to know the answer but to try it yourself. If you're envious of these men covered in black, shiny materials, you've got to wear one, too! To start with this switch, get this Studded Male collar. See how it will transform you from a shy boy into a steaming hot guy!

The very reason why kinky people, especially BDSM enthusiasts, love leather is because of its texture and fragrance. The feel of rubbery material plus the earthy smell of this material raise their libido. These are what you get with this collar. Although not genuine and made of premium PU leather only, this sex accessory shares the same qualities as the real ones. But aside from being a mere embellishment to the body, this collar rather has a deeper meaning. It symbolizes submission, much like how slaves wore this in ancient times. Hence its name.

When rolled, this collar resembles the letter "T." Its head, the horizontal line, serves as the wrapping for the neck, while the vertical bar acts as the holder of the pendant. It is studded with metal rivets along its strap for additional effect. At the ends of the horizontal strap are punched leather, acting as its locking and adjustment mechanism. Slot through the rivets to the holes, and you can get your desired fit.

But what it boasts the most is the ring attached to the tip of the hanging strap. It's not just a pendant. It's a hook where you can attach a leash, chain, or even clamps should your play end up in a BDSM session.

It's a great addition to your outfit, too. Simple shirts, full-sleeved and sleeveless tops look stunning with this Studded Male collar. So, grab yours now and discover the limitless ways to enjoy it!

Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Studded Male Submissive Collar

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