Studded Men's Leather Collar
Studded Men's Leather Collar
Studded Men's Leather Collar

As you look at your partner across the room, you know he is something special. Those broad shoulders that give you shivers you can't explain, and his eyes tell you so much more than what he says. Everything about this man is magical, and you feel like you are the luckiest girl to land him.

The only problem is every lass in the room is also eyeing him. Although he is a good and loyal servant, you hate to see other women ogling him. It bothers you to your core!

Good thing the Studded Men's Leather Collar is ready for the taking. This simple yet unique piece of jewelry will change how you deal with other girls looking at your man in a different way.

You can't give him a trashy piece like the one used in this video. This item is made of quality leather, a smooth material that will facilitate easy wearing. A collar in a BDSM relationship is much like a ring between married couples. It connotes your commitment to each other, and it's one way to steer clear from hungry onlookers.

The 11.81 inches-15.35 inches strap allows adjustability to cater to the wearer's size. Also, you have to keep the tightness of the collar in check because if it's too close to the skin, it may impede breathing.

Another notable design is the silver buttons that line the strap. They give a glamorous, soft punk look to this classy belt. If your lover is the type who likes this kind of fashion statement, then you have found the perfect match!

This can be worn for hours. But keep in mind that after each use, you need to wipe this with a damp cloth to remove sweat and other harmful bacteria that may have lodged on the surface. Store it properly in an airtight container, ready for consequent use.

You know you need this! Buy it now!


Color Black
Material Leather
Dimension Length: 11.81inches-15.35 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A

Studded Men's Leather Collar

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