Stylish Black Choker

Remember those tattoo-like elastic anklets you used to wear in the late 90s? They looked chic and hip back then; most girls would wear them around their ankles. Now that you’re an adult, you want to rock those accessories again—but not around your ankles. You want to put them around your neck.

Here’s an accessory that looks exactly like that—except that it’s meant to be worn around the neck and has a gold anchor pendant. The Stylish Black Choker looks so classic yet hip that even those who haven’t seen nor worn such chokers would love it!

This trendy neckband features an intricately designed choker that gives this accessory a hip and classy vibe. However, that’s not the only purpose of this style. If you take a closer look at it, this collar is designed with oval links looped together, creating an elastic chain. This style has a different meaning in the BDSM world, for it means that the wearer is owned by someone else.

However, this doesn’t mean that those subs devoted to their doms are the only ones who can wear this accessory. Even if you’re a single slave who’s not ready to mingle or just a vanilla girl who happens to come across this product page can put this on, too! Nobody would guess what it truly means unless the right kind of people see this.

As mentioned earlier, this hypnotic neckband is elastic, which means girls of all sizes can wear it. It can accommodate any size, whether you’re thick or thin, and rest assured that it won’t tear apart or choke you up. It’s also skin-friendly; hence, it won’t cause rashes to your neck. So the only thing you’ll have to worry about is to look for an outfit that will match this accessory.

Relive that 90s style with this Stylish Black Choker. Hurry and get yours now while the supplies last!

Color Black
Material Collar: Plastic
Pendant: Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Stylish Black Choker

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