Stylish Collar and Leash Sex for Pet Play
Stylish Collar and Leash Sex for Pet Play
Stylish Collar and Leash Sex for Pet Play
Stylish Collar and Leash Sex for Pet Play

You had cried about Titanic multiple times, especially that iconic scene when Jack died floating in the freezing water just to save Rose. Aww… now you're crying again. Your heart beat fast as he drew her naked body with nothing but the Heart of the Ocean Necklace. You felt every bit of pleasure they both experienced when they had intimate sex inside the carriage. Yes, it's your all-time fave love story. But let's give it a little twist, shall we?

What if Rose was actually a submissive? And what if Cal, her fiance, was nothing but a pure vanilla man? She saw an opportunity to be dominated by Jack's personality, and she wasn't wrong at all! Cal gave her the valuable precious gem while she still liked Jack's Stylish Collar and Leash Sex for Pet Play present more. Both have the same blue gem embellishment, but the collar, indeed, weighed more for her. That's because she knows she'll have more fun with it than that boring necklace. What a kinky twist, right? Wait until you learn more about Jack's naughty little gift.

This collar differs a lot from the ones you see in the market. That's because it boasts a blue gem and stud embellishments. What makes it more exciting is it comes with a leash, signifying that it is always ready for pet play. A product of faux leather, you know that you can entrust your neck with it. It's reliable and sturdy. It will surely keep you company for a long time. It also offers adjustability, so it will be easy for you to find the right amount of tightness as you play with your partner or use it as an everyday accessory. More so, you and your partner can even tandem use it with other sex tools, too. You have to be creative as you make a scene, making it more fun and thrilling.

So what are you still waiting for? Get this Titanic-inspired kinky accessory today! Click the "Add to cart" button now!

Color Black
Material Faux Leather and Metal
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Stylish Collar and Leash Sex for Pet Play

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