Stylish Dual Collar for People
Stylish Dual Collar for People
Stylish Dual Collar for People

Breathplay is your thing. It all started when you got off mid going unconscious during an intense BDSM session—and guess what, it’s the best orgasm you’ve ever had. Since then, your favorite words are “Choke me, Daddy” whenever you’re close to your climax. You enjoy the feeling so much that you miss it badly when you’re living your “vanilla” life. Ah, you know you could be at home right now with your lover sensually wringing your neck while banging you, but you’re stuck in the office with all those damn papers instead. What a buzzkill.

If you’re so fixated on how having someone touch your neck all the time, then here’s a quick fix. The Stylish Dual Collar for People will pacify you until you reach home and get all the sex you want.

This chic choker will help you get yourself together and hold your kink in so that people around you will not notice your thirst for bondage. It is made with PU leather and zinc alloy, durable and versatile materials widely used in many industries, including fashion jewelry. The design is stunning, as it combines two of the most popular things in any BDSM session: leather and chains. But make no mistake; the elegant charm of this choker will not give your kink away.

Half of this collar is a sleek black belt-like leather strap, and the other half is a thick gold-colored curb chain. You can pair this accessory with anything, and it’s guaranteed to make your outfit extra sexy and glamorous. Don’t worry; this collar is suitable for long hours of wearing, so you can show it off all day. You can also adjust its fit by moving the buckle through the holes on the strap for that snug feeling you crave for.

Buy the Stylish Dual Collar for People today, so your neck will never feel empty again.

Color Black with Gold
Material Chain: Zinc Alloy
Strap: PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Stylish Dual Collar for People

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