Stylish Pink Fur Collar
Stylish Pink Fur Collar

Your kitty has been sweet and well-behaved. She keeps purring when she wants to play and sits on your lap when she needs some cuddles. Isn’t she the best cat woman on the planet?

Wearing a figure-flattering bodysuit, she has a flowing tail from her butt. Her ears are pointed and furry, too! Now all you need is an accessory to complete the look. Why not get the Stylish Pink Fur Collar to adorn her neck?

The collar grabs attention because it’s thick and fluffy. With soft pink being its dominant color, it looks innocent, delicate, and youthful. Some portions are brownish to complement the pink.

Be enchanted and bewitched by the heart charm in the center. Apart from being an embellishment, it also firmly joins the bands. It’s so kawaii you cannot resist!

You might be wondering if it fits because, heck, what would you use it for if it didn’t. The good news is that it will accommodate most adult necks because it is adjustable. Finding the right fit is so easy. It adjusts easily with its snap buttons.

It’s so easy to wear and put on because it uses a simple closure mechanism. It’s soft, and it doesn’t come with a lock, which makes it ideal for beginners. While it’s perfect for BDSM use, the furry choker can also be an adorable accessory for cosplay or Halloween costumes. This cute collar will also add a touch of flair to a boring casual outfit. For sure, she will turn heads and impress. With a choker as adorable as this, who will ever suspect?

This delightful and charming BDSM accessory is not only for female users but all genders who would like to bring more fun into every erotic scene. Even vanilla individuals can use it to make them look more seductive during intimate moments. So, hurry and grab one for your kitten today!

Color Pink and Brown
Material Faux Fur
Dimension Length: NA
Width/Diameter: NA

Stylish Pink Fur Collar

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