Stylish Sterling Silver Day Collar
Stylish Sterling Silver Day Collar
Stylish Sterling Silver Day Collar
Stylish Sterling Silver Day Collar

Want to flaunt your beautiful bond and relationship with your partner in style? Perhaps you just like to sparkle and captivate everyone's attention no matter how simple or elegant your style is? Whatever you want to achieve, this Stylish Sterling Silver Day Collar is the one you should get! This multilayered necklace features metal chains linked together to create an exquisite piece of jewelry. Furthermore, these oval links can signify your love and devotion to your lover. Once you put it on your neck, doms and subs looking for potential partners will take the hint that you're already owned, and thus, off the market.

Besides the symbolic chains, this bondage necklace has a pendant featuring different designs. One lavalière is like a microblade used for hunting during ancient times. There's another locket that looks like a symbol of the Deathly Hallows. Then, there's a necklace with an O-ring with a star embellished in it. Finally, there's one with a skull pendant. All these pendants look different, but just like the chains, they all have the same meaning: your love and devotion to your partner will last 'til death do you part.

As the name suggests, this kinky jewelry is made of sterling silver. This material gives an heirloom-quality look to the accessory, allowing you to have an elegant necklace at a price you can afford. But the price point and the aesthetics aren't the only features of this material; its resiliency is impressive, too! This mirror-polished jewelry is durable that it can stand the test of time.

This Stylish Sterling Silver Day Collar is perfect for casual and formal wear. It can also be worn at work or even at family gatherings, and no one would think that you're wearing a BDSM accessory.

Flaunt your dynamic relationship and lifestyle in style with this stunning and discreet collar. Get one now!

Color Silver
Material Sterling Silver
Dimension Length:
First Layer (Side) - 15.75 + 1.97 inches
Second Layer - 6.69 + 6.69 inches (adjustable)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Stylish Sterling Silver Day Collar

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