Stylish Submissive Collar Jewelry
Stylish Submissive Collar Jewelry
Stylish Submissive Collar Jewelry
Stylish Submissive Collar Jewelry

Don't you hate it when your partner looks drab with her chain collar in her black, lacy lingerie? While the chain serves its bondage purposes, you don't intend to restrain her in all of your role play. There are those days when all you want is to make her look seductive, alluring, and dazzling in her provocative outfits.

If you are looking for a classy collar that will highlight her flawless collar bones and graceful neck, buy the Stylish collar Jewelry. This shimmering BDSM jewelry will draw attention to your partner's beautiful face while it enhances her looks.

It is a tennis chain neck adornment studded with glittery, diamond-like rhinestones from the tips to the buckle. This handcrafted adornment will girth on any neck snugly because it is designed like a belt.

It is so easy to wear. Wrap the tennis chain around your submissive's neck, with the tip and the buckle on the front. Next, insert the end through the first gap of the buckle frame and adjust as needed to find the right fit. Then, push the tip through the second gap to secure it. With this locking mechanism, it won't slip off.

Make your submissive shine anytime, anywhere. This stunning piece is a splendid-looking day collar that will match her dresses, tops, and pantsuits. It is perfect for an evening gown, too!

The choker is 16 inches long and more than half an inch wide. It is hard not to notice, and it surely deserves a double-take. Choose from three color variants: gold, silver, and rainbow. Whichever you pick, your partner will love it!

Let your submissive partner rest from the clasp of chunky link chains. She deserves an elegant piece wrapped around her flawless, graceful neck. After all, you won't have to break a bank to get it, so hurry and buy now!

Color Rainbow, Gold, Silver
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: 15.94 inches (40.5 cm)
Width: 0.59 inch (1.5 cm)
Diameter: 4.72 inches (12 cm)

Stylish Submissive Collar Jewelry

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